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My fiance got a large speeding ticket with 4 points. He talked to POINTTS Kitchener last week and this week they went to court for him and had the ticket withdrawn. We are more than pleased with POINTTS’ services. Hopefully we won’t need them again, but if we do we know we are in good hands.


Danielle L.

Guelph, Speeding

I would like to extend a big thank you to Janet and the team at Pointts London. From the first (& only) meeting Janet was realistic with what the outcome would be for my speeding charge. I have used other paralegal services in London, and a lot over promise and under deliver. Fast forward a year or so after my charge and Pointts informed me that the charge was withdrawn all together. The team at Pointts made this matter very easy to deal with, especially since I study in Eastern Ontario. I am hoping not to have to enlist their services again, but if the occasion arises, they will be my first choice.


London, Speeding

Thank you all for all your help. I am very happy with the final result and appreciate your services.

Kristen R.

Definitely a five-star service. In the last five years, your company has represented me in various traffic related charges. And in all cases, I have been more than satisfied not only with the result but also with the way your office handled the matters.


Thanks so much for your help, this helps relieve a lot of stress from the incident.

I really appreciate all of your help in getting my ticket lowered. I will be sure to recommend you to any friends facing charges similar to this, and, although I hope it does not occur again, will definitely use your service if I am ever in need again. Thanks again.



Thank you so much for your work on my case! I would NEVER have been able to achieve the same results by myself. Your work has taken a huge weight off my shoulders and I really appreciate it! Thanks so much!


Woodstock, Stunt Driving

Just want to thank you for your help to reduce 6 points of my case to 2!! It’s a BIG relief to the last couple of months and great result to my research among paralegal firms. I have learned from this experience and will be extra extra careful when on the road. Thanks again for your help!



Thank you all for all your help. I do appreciate knowing you had my back. I would recommend you guys to all my friends and relatives who wind up with driving problems. Thanks again.



I am very grateful you provided your services to me for a speeding ticket and won it for me. Thank you very much for your time and effort.



Thank you for your representation at court. I admire the efficiency and competence that you exercised throughout every stage of the proceedings that achieved the favourable results and successful outcome in conclusion.


Having your first accident with your first car after driving it for over 265,000 km in thirteen years is a shock, but being charged with careless driving is an even bigger shock. I personally believe that the charges against me were unjust, and I was determined to go to court to clear myself. The day after the accident, I found POINTTS™ – The Traffic Ticket Specialists – someone who could help me prepare to fight this charge. My sincere thank you and appreciation for the assistance that you provided to me in my particular case, and for the efficient way that you handled it. From the very first call, I was most impressed with your up-front evaluation of the situation, and the support that you could provide. I was very concerned, upset and stressed at that time, and what a relief to know that I was leaving this situation in such capable, experienced hands. Your reassurance was most welcome. You proved me right, and beyond my expectations.



Wow, I can’t believe this. I know you said I had a good case but I was skeptical. Having this ticket off my record is going to save my insurance BIG TIME. I won’t hesitate to recommend you to anyone I know that gets a ticket.
Steve J.


The team at POINTTS Hamilton was incredibly helpful and dedicated to my case. They handled my matter with an outstanding degree of professionalism, while offering a non-biased stress-free environment. The Hamilton Pointts team is knowledgeable and resourceful, offering valued advice tailored to my particular situation. Richard went above and beyond to obtain the best settlement option for my traffic ticket. I am immensely appreciative of the team at Pointts Hamilton and will definitely recommend their services in the future.

B. H.


Bruce. Thanks so much for your time and effort. You are truly professional and a sincere gentleman. You are a special person.

Roger E.

St. Catharines/Niagara, Careless Driving

Thank you so much for your professional services! This is great news! As I mentioned I drive for a living and not having this on my record is great!! I would use your company again and will refer to others. Again, thanks very much, job well done!



Earlier this year my husband received a stunt driving ticket for speeding while passing a slow moving vehicle. The potential implications of such a ticket would have been detrimental to our family in regards to a suspended licence, fines, insurance implications and lost income for work. Rhonda and Stella from POINTTS worked with us to fight for the best possible outcome and thanks to them the ticket was reduced to just a straight speeding ticket. We would happily pay the fee again to have someone so experienced fight for us. Thank you ladies for all your hard work! We are very grateful!

Elena and Mike


Thank you for your work! That is FANTASTIC news. This is greatly appreciated. I will be recommending you to anyone that has any tickets against them.

Wayne T.

Guelph, Fail to Yield Pedestrian

Hey there, I owe you all a big thanks for all your work with this matter. I really appreciate the effort you put into my case, with a great end result. Keep doing what you’re doing!

Derrick V.

Thank you!!!! Much appreciated. Keep up the good work. Hopefully I will not need to use your services again but if I do I will definitely be calling. Have a great weekend. Thank you again.

Enzo Pinzarrone


Bruce and team – thank you SO much. Your kindness, patience, and reassurance really made this process less formidable. I am truly humbled and eternally grateful for everything you did – I was prepared to accept a plea, but you were able to have the entire ticket withdrawn. The stress of my situation was truly daunting. Thank you for everything!

Tiffany M.

St. Catharines/Niagara, Drive, hand held

I wish to thank you and your staff for the courtesy and professionalism you extended in dealing with my case. Not to mention the speed and outcome in which it was handled. This was a very stressful and unfortunate incident that occurred and would have severely affected my driving record, insurance rate, as well as my job. POINTTS™ provided an invaluable service, which I would recommend to anyone who receives a traffic violation. Once again many thanks.



I am overwhelmed by the way you handled the situation in court. I’m glad to know that this organization gives me and others like me an opportunity to be represented in court with such professionalism that gives us a fighting chance without having to seek legal representation from a law firm.


Thank you Donna for the follow up. It was welcomed news after getting myself in such a silly bind. Your service was definitely worth the money.

While I hope never to have to use your service again in the future, it is a great piece of mind knowing you were there to help and support me through the process.

Also, I will certainly be sure to forward your name to others should they run into similar circumstances.

Steve S.

Kitchener, Careless Driving

Thanks very much for the excellent service. Richard went above and beyond the call in investigating Andrew’s case, including doing a site visit that confirmed a false statement by a witness. That false statement resulted in the charges being dismissed, a perfect outcome under the circumstances. I would not hesitate to recommend POINTTS™ to anyone requiring that type of service. Well done.



On behalf of myself I wish to send thanks as this surely helps my situation with employment and insurance. Your services were well worth the money and I will recommend you to others who come into similar cases in the future. Thanks and enjoy the rest of the summer.



We can’t believe everything turned out as well as it did and it is all due to your hard work and determination. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! The committment you have shown to your clients is beyond compare, not even thank you would convey our appreciation. You’re lifesavers!!

Leonardo & Cindy


This is a short note to acknowledge the excellent job you did representing me on a traffic violation, namely ‘changing lane, not in safety’. This was my first experience with POINTTS™ and it can be noted that a friend recommended your services from his experience. I was very impressed with the manner in which my case was handled. As the events progressed and unfolded, the correspondence between myself and you both made me feel like we had known each other for years. I felt a sense of special consideration, however, my friend who recommended you felt the same, leading me to believe that all your clients receive extra special attention. I always had a feeling of genuine professional attention and trust throughout the process. Your advice was always supportive and accurate, yet outlining the reality of the judicial process. I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for your assistance and a job well done. It is sincerely appreciated.



Thank you so much for the good job you did with this case. I am very happy with the results, I will definitely be recommending your branch to friends and family. Thank you for the heads up on the payment due date.

John G.

Guelph, Fail To Yield Private Driveway

Thank you so very much. This is awesome news. You have helped me so much. I cannot believe what you have done for me. I will sure be telling everyone how you have helped me. I have learned a lot from this and will be extra careful on the road. You are the best. Thank You!



Belated thank you for the excellent job you and your colleagues did in reducing my speeding fine from $240 to $60 and even more importantly reducing points from 4 to 0!!! You made the process seamless and easy for me as a client. Would be happy to recommend your services to any of my friends should they ever need them. Thanks again.

V. H.


I have used POINTTS twice now and have been extremely satisfied with the results they have given me. They have also delivered great customer service; always being prompt and courteous with communication and making what can be a stressful situation easier with their professionalism. I have recommended their services to my friends and co workers on many occasions and will not hesitate to call them again.



To the Management and Administration of the Barrie Pointts Office:
I am sending this note to express my thorough satisfaction with the professional service rendered by Elizabeth Mateus.

Liz was a pleasure to deal with right from the initial consultation through to the final resolution, which turned out much better than what I had expected. She listened to and totally understood my situation when I explained it to her, while at the same time she gave me a realistic understanding of the charge and challenge before me. She allowed me to see my situation from both sides, prosecution and defence.

I knew I had a strong defence, however when I initially tried to represent myself at my first Court appearance, I met with strong resistance from the Prosecutor and the Police Officer. I was offered a deal which lowered the charge from four demerit points to 3 demerit points, which was of little value to me. Being at the age of 65 and having an “A-Z“licence, any accumulation of more than two points would mean I would have to rent a tractor- trailer and take a yearly road test, at considerable expense and inconvenience. This was a difficult situation for me since I have not had any charges in almost 40 years. Consequently I refused the Prosecutor`s offer, so a Court date was set for September 15th. 2014.

I knew I was going to need help so I spoke to Liz (about two months before the Court date) and knew right away that she was the person for the job. She was knowledgeable, professional and instilled faith within me that she would represent me effectively.

I handed over to Liz all the evidence I had gathered and let her handle the case from then on. Liz ultimately used all her negotiating skills to achieve a resolution where I accumulated ZERO Demerit Points and paid a very small fine. I have nothing but praise and appreciation for what she has done for me.

She will be highly recommended by me to anyone I know who happens to need the services of POINTTS.

I must also mention that when Liz was away on holidays, her colleague Charleen did an excellent job of dealing with any queries or issues that I had and relayed the information to Liz as soon as she returned from holidays. Excellent job done by everyone!

Thank you so much!

W. G.


I recently used POINTTS™ to defend me on a careless driving charge charge. As advertised they used their expertise in traffic law to get my charge withdrawn. I would definitely use their services again if needed.



I cannot tell you how much I am overwhelmed with what you did for me. Not only did you make my holiday season merry with your news of ALL charges against me dropped from the unfortunate accident I had last year, but also, I would like to hire you as my divorce lawyer. The year I’ve been having with ongoing litigation about my divorce has really taken its toll on me, and my belief in the legal process also. Meeting you and your firm has been one of the best choices in my life so far. From the moment you took me into your office, your courteous and professional manners made me feel very comfortable, and you really made me feel protected. I can assure anyone who is thinking about using your service to do so without hesitation, it will be one of the best choices you will ever make!! I want to take this opportunity to thank you from the bottom of my heart! If you want to take on my present divorce… it’s yours! I wish you a happy New Year.



Thank you for your help! I couldn’t ask for a better result.

Philip D.

Kitchener, Driving Under Suspension

POINTTS, Belleville was the first place I had brought my traffic ticket, and I am grateful I did not think twice. I followed their direction towards my case and it fell precisely how they predicted. I was granted an appeal, and my charges were dropped. I would highly recommend to anyone with a traffic ticket to be consulted by their fantastic agents before taking action on their own. They were able to provide me with excellent knowledge and step-by-step explanation of the court process and how they will be representing your case. I was thoroughly impressed by the service I received! Thank you again team.

Shayna Vos


Very many thanks for defending my two traffic citations – successfully. I am extremely pleased, because I managed to save 4 merits and that’s worth more than I can say. At every opportunity I will most certainly recommend my friends to you! Thanks again.



Mike, I want to thank you and your team. From our initial meeting through to having my Careless Driving charge dismissed, you and your team were so thorough and professional. You have taken some serious stress off my shoulders.
Jason T.


It was certainly a surprise, but a blessing to have both charges withdrawn! Thank you POINTTS London for your professionalism and respect.


London, Careless Driving

I really appreciate everything POINTTS™ did for me. They took care of my Hamilton ticket from Niagara, and saved me much money on my tickets. Furthermore they communicated and answered all my questions immediately. When you’ve got questions or problems, they are definitely the ones to call or in my case, email. Thanks POINTTS™, you are the best.



I would like to express my thanks and appreciation for the work you did in getting the charge of careless driving completely dismissed. Your service was excellent and we would readily refer any potential clients to you, in a heartbeat! Having the charge dismissed was important for my future as I am just now entering college; the impact of a careless driving charge would have been very costly. Thanks again for working your magic.


Bruce Scott and his POINTTS staff made a very unhappy situation very comfortable and achieved a great outcome in the process. I have no hesitation in recommending his company with all its expertise, objectivity and candor to anyone…and the expense involved is very equitable! My appreciation to Bruce and all his staff!

Marcia R.

Thank you for saving many years of undue stress and for having the confidence in me and my situation to help like you did. It is very much appreciated!



Richard, as always, you have come through for me. You have yet to let me down after all these years. Pass on my thanks to Michael as well.
John A.


Very helpful and informative. Led me thru my options, advised me on what was suggested and listened to my wants and needs. Was able to get the outcome I wanted with no hassle.

Joel G.

Doris and I would like to thank you for representing me and doing an awesome job, we really appreciate your time and effort and the great success. Thanks again.



I have had to use Pointts Belleville Office recently to dispute a Traffic charge. I was like many, nervous and apprehensive as to whether I could get anywhere in the courts. The hardest part is to make the call and admit I needed help. Upon entering the office into the uncertainty, I was greeted to the Friendly Personality of Rhonda and I started to feel at ease right away as we talked. I was introduced to Estella and we went on to discuss my case about a possibility anything could be done. She was a very down to earth person and I wasn’t feeling bad for trying to alter my charge. I found both of people Professional and non rigid as some legal people can be. Ultimately, we were successful and my charge was lessened; a great release off my shoulders. I would definitely recommend them to anyone as their experience minimized my stress level greatly after asking them to help. Thanks very much: Estella and Rhonda.

Dennis Peoples


Fantastic service. Couldn’t be happier with my outcome.


St. Thomas, Fail To Stop for School Bus

Your service was amazing. I can’t thank you enough for getting my charges entirely dismissed. I could not have done it without you and I appreciate all the help from start to finish. Choosing Pointts was the best decision I have made since the “incident”. I will most definitely recommend you to anyone I know, but hope to not have to personally contact you soon!


Woodstock, Fail To Stop for School Bus

This is very good news…!

Thank you Donna and please extend my personal thanks to the rest of the team at POINTTS.

All the very best,

Joseph M.

Owen Sound, Amber Light Fail to Stop

Many, many thanks Richard! I appreciate your help and expertise in handling my 2 tickets!!! Great outcome!
Crystal M.


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