Novice and Young Driver Offences

(G1, G2 and Drivers Under Age 22)

About The Offence

Novice and Young Drivers have more conditions on their Driver’s Licence than those who are fully licenced.  Any breach of these conditions results in more than just a traffic ticket and a fine.

For example:

Novice Drivers must have no blood alcohol content (BAC) while driving, or risk a minimum suspension of 30-days upon conviction.

Novice Drivers who are convicted of a distracted driving offence (Drive – Handheld Communication Device) will receive a licence suspension of at least 30-days.

Novice Drivers who are convicted of any offence that carries 4 or more demerit points (for example, Follow Too Close, Careless Driving) will receive a licence suspension for at least 30 days.

Young Drivers (anyone under age 22) must have no blood alcohol content (BAC) while driving, even if they are fully licenced.  If convicted, a licence suspension of at least 30-days will be imposed.

These suspensions are imposed by the Ministry of Transportation and as with demerit points, they are not listed on the traffic ticket given by the police officer.  Therefore, it is important to be aware of all the consequences of paying a traffic ticket before doing so.

Speaking with one of the paralegals at POINTTS before taking any action with your traffic ticket will ensure that you make an informed decision.

This is important because an unexpected licence suspension can interfere with employment or school, as well as personal and family commitments.

Why Fight The Traffic Ticket?

You should fight your traffic ticket because having a licence suspension on your driving record increases your insurance rates and costs you money.  This means that being convicted for a traffic ticket and getting a suspension costs more than just being convicted of the traffic ticket alone.

What You Should Do If You’ve Been Charged

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