No Insurance

Driving without insurance or allowing someone to drive your vehicle with no insurance


Operate Motor Vehicle Without Insurance

Permit Motor Vehicle to Be Operated Without Insurance

Produce False Evidence

Make False Statement


Minimum fine of $5000.00 for a first offence

Up to $25000.00

About The Offence

The owner or lessee of the vehicle is guilty of this offence if they are either driving the vehicle, or permitting another person to drive their vehicle without insurance.

A motor vehicle is required to be under a valid contract of automobile insurance while driven on a highway. A person can be charged with this offence even if they are not involved in an accident.

Furthermore, it is an offence for a vehicle owner to knowingly allow someone to drive their vehicle if it is not insured.

It is also an offence to produce false evidence of automobile insurance or to make a false statement about the status of insurance when licensing a vehicle.

The minimum fine for a first offence is $5,000.00.  Fines can be increased to $25,000.00.

A licence suspension and vehicle impoundment can also be imposed.

That being said, there are circumstances when a court can impose a fine that is lower than the minimum of $5000.00.  Your paralegal from POINTTS can make the argument for a reduced fine in your case in order to save you money and keep you driving.

Why should I fight my No Insurance ticket?

The minimum fine on a conviction for one of the No Insurance offences will cost you a significant amount of money. In addition, your licence could be suspended and your vehicle impounded.

Even if you do not have insurance at the time of the offence a conviction can still affect your insurance rates in the future. Insurance companies may request a driver’s abstract for the previous 5 years before determining if they will approve you.

Speak with one of our paralegals to find out how POINTTS can help you to minimize your fines and insurance costs.

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