MTO Charges

Commercial Motor Vehicle charges, trucking charges and CVOR points





Demerit Points

Up to 7 depending on offence

CVOR Points

Up to 5 depending on offence


Up to $50,000.00 depending on offence

Other Penalties

Could include lifetime suspension of drivers licence; suspension of permits; seizure of vehicles and trailers; up to six months in jail

About The Offence

Commercial motor vehicles and the trucking industry are the most heavily legislated group using Canada’s highways. The myriad of possible violations – such as log book charges, height and weight restrictions, maintenance defects, hours of service, security of loads and moving violations – can have a significant impact on drivers and companies alike.

In some cases the loss of employment and the inability to obtain another job within the industry also occur.

For the owner/operator, the accumulation of too many CVOR points can result in a Ministry of Transportation audit.

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