Fail To Report

Failing to report an accident as required by law




Fail to report

Demerit Points



$85.00 plus costs and victim surcharge

Impact on Insurance Premiums

Many insurance companies consider this  charge to be a major offence and therefore your insurance rate can skyrocket if you are convicted.  The demerit points stay on your drivers abstract for 2 years. The conviction however stays on your abstract for 3 years and your insurance rates can be negatively affected for up to 6 years.

Other Penalties

If you receive a summons for this charge the fine can be as high as $500.00 plus court costs and victim surcharge.

About The Offence

Every person in charge of a motor vehicle who is directly or indirectly involved in an accident shall, if the accident results in personal injuries or in damage to property apparently exceeding an amount prescribed by regulation, report the accident forthwith to the nearest police officer and furnish him or her with the information concerning the accident.

What You Need To Know

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What You Should Do If You’ve Been Charged

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