Fail To Move For Emergency Vehicle

Failing to slow down and move over for an emergency vehicle when required to do so




Fail to move for emergency vehicle

Demerit Points



$400.00 to $2000.00 plus court costs and victim fine surcharge

Impact on Insurance Premiums

A conviction for this offence will remain on your drivers abstract for 3 years. Your insurance provider – whether under residential, commercial or fleet insurance – may have strict stipulations and serious consequences upon conviction.

Other Penalties

Subsequent convictions for this offence carry the possibility of increased fines, licence suspension and imprisonment

About The Offence

Upon approaching an emergency vehicle with its lamp producing intermittent flashes of red light or red and blue light or a tow truck with its lamp producing intermittent flashes of amber light that is stopped on a highway with two or more lanes of traffic on the same side of the highway as the side on which the emergency vehicle or tow truck is stopped, the driver of a vehicle travelling in the same lane that the emergency vehicle or tow truck is stopped in or in a lane that is adjacent to the emergency vehicle or tow truck, in addition to slowing down and proceeding with caution as required, shall move into another lane if the movement can be made safely.

What You Should Do If You’ve Been Charged

When approaching a stopped emergency vehicle or tow truck with lights flashing, you must always slow down and proceed with caution.  That’s also the safe thing to do.  However, you are not always required to move into another lane.

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