Frequently asked questions and the answers from our traffic ticket specialists
I received a traffic ticket. Now what do I do?

First and foremost, understand the charge you are facing and the potential penalties and consequences. Some charges may carry mandatory licence suspensions or may affect your insurance status and/or premiums. It is important to review all options before deciding what to do.

Our POINTTS™ Agents are Paralegals licenced by the Law Society of Upper Canada. Our offices offer a FREE Consultation whereby you can choose to meet with a representative in person or discuss your matter by telephone. We offer flexible days and times to discuss your matter with you and there is never any obligation to move forward with our services. We are here to provide professional, affordable and competent legal representation in Provincial Offences Court and want only the best outcome possible for our clients.

Why should I bother contesting the charge?
  1. You are innocent until proven guilty. It is the Prosecutor/Crown’s job to prove you are guilty of the offence with which you have been charged. It is not your responsibility to prove your innocence.
  2. There could be consequences to a conviction of which you may not be aware.
  3. You could be putting unnecessary demerit points on your license.
  4. Your insurance rates could go up.
  5. Not everyone is guilty as charged. Police officers are human. They can sometimes make mistakes.

Before doing anything, you should see a POINTTS™ Licensed Paralegal for an expert evaluation of your situation.

How much will representation cost me?

All POINTTS™ offices offer a Free, No Obligation, Consultation so you can promptly understand what the charge is you are facing and the penalties attached to it. It does not cost you anything to have your matter assessed by one of our knowledgeable, licensed representatives. It could cost you plenty if you don’t. If you decide to hire a POINTTS™ representative to handle your matter, fees range depending on a number of factors. We will review representation fees with you to ensure you have a clear understanding on the services we provide.

How long do I have to respond to my ticket?

The Provincial Offences Act requires a person charged to respond within 15 days of being served with the traffic ticket. Any time beyond that and you may be convicted without a hearing as being deemed not to dispute the charge on your traffic violation ticket. Consultations with one of our representatives can be done during or outside of normal business hours. You’re busy and we get that. We’ll schedule a time most convenient for you so you can get the answers you need right away.

What happens if I don’t pay my traffic ticket fine?

If a fine is not paid within the time period provided by the court, additional costs are imposed and the amount may be forwarded to a collection agency or a request may be made by the court to the Ministry of Transportation to have your licence suspended.

If, after a licence is suspended the fine is paid, an additional fee is payable to the Ministry of Transportation to reinstate the licence.  Before this happens, call one of our POINTTS™ representatives to discuss your matter.

Why are there two amounts on my ticket?

The first amount shown on the left side of the ticket is the “Set Fine” as determined by the Chief Justice of Ontario. The amount in the box to its right is the total amount payable after the Victim Fine Surcharge and court costs have been added to the set fine. If a person is convicted of an offence in a proceeding commenced by under Part I or III and a fine is imposed in respect of that offence, a surcharge is payable by that person in the amount determined by regulations made under the Provincial Offences Act. The amount is on a sliding scale that is added to the set fine. The monies collected are to be used for victims of crime. Our legal team will review your offence notice to ensure it is correct and explain all this information during your Free Consultation.

I received a Summons to Court. Now what do I do?

When you receive a summons to court, you must either attend court on the date and time noted on the summons or have a representative attend on your behalf. Receiving a summons to court means you may be faced with more severe penalties and consequences. Having a knowledgeable representative on your side is key. Let our POINTTS™ representatives attend Court on your behalf and address the matter so you don’t have to. Call or email a POINTTS™ office for more information.

How do demerit points affect my Insurance?

Depending on what you have been charged with, the Ministry of Transportation may attach demerit points to your conviction. Whether you recently received a minor Speeding infraction for 20 km’s over, or a Careless Driving charge: What you do with your ticket could have a serious, negative impact on your insurance premiums. A licence suspension due to too many demerit points or a licence suspension assessed to a novice driver will impact your premiums. Before you pay your ticket, understand the charge you are facing and the possible consequences relating to your insurance premiums.

I’m a G2 driver and decided I will just pay my Speeding ticket. I can’t tell my parents.

STOP right there! If you are a novice driver at any age and have received a traffic ticket, you must be aware that it may suspend your driver’s licence. There are numerous offences for novice drivers for which a licence suspension can be automatically imposed. Your insurance status can be affected or your insurance provider may decide to drop you completely. BEFORE you pay that ticket, contact a POINTTS™ representative at 1-888-787-1000 to review your matter.

Can you guarantee the results?

When you hire POINTTS™, you hire the best. Although we cannot guarantee the results of any matter, what we can do is give you clear and honest answers based on over 30 years of experience. No legal firm or licensee can guarantee the end result for any legal matter. By doing so, they would seriously jeopardize their good standing with the Law Society of Upper Canada.

Do I have to come in to an office a free consultation?

We know life can get busy. Free Consultations can be done in person at one of our offices or over the phone. Whichever works best for you!

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