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Canada's largest and most successful firm of traffic ticket specialists

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Since 1984, POINTTS™ has had locations in Ontario. Since 1986, additional locations in Manitoba and Alberta.

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Only POINTTS’™ qualified representatives will represent you and manage your case.

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POINTTS’™ success rate is second to none.

We are the original and most successful traffic ticket specialists in Canada.

We provide professional, affordable representation to motorists charged under various provincial traffic laws.

We can help you avoid fines, demerit points, hefty insurance premiums or licence suspension.

Our Mission:

To facilitate equal access to justice by providing the Canadian driver with an affordable, clear, competent and knowledgeable voice in traffic court.

Our History

POINTTS™ (Provincial Offences Information and Traffic Ticket Service) was established in May 1984 by Brian J. Lawrie, a fifteen year veteran of the Metropolitan Toronto Police Department and the Essex Constabulary in the United Kingdom.

Prior to the establishment of POINTTS™, motorists contesting a traffic violation were faced with the prospect of conducting their own defense in court, or retaining the services of a lawyer. Significant obstacles were placed in their path with either choice. A layman, unfamiliar with courtroom protocol and procedures is intimidated by the judicial system. The cost of retaining a lawyer can be prohibitive, as fees are normally charged on an hourly basis. Additionally, the vast majority of lawyers, by their own admission, do not, nor do they wish to, handle traffic cases.

The opportunity created by this situation was apparent to Brian Lawrie which led to his resignation from the police force and the establishment of POINTTS™. In 1985 Lawrie and POINTTS™ were challenged in court by the Law Society (Bar Association) in what many people saw as a blatant attempt by the lawyer’s union to protect its economic territory and thereby its monopoly. After an intense three-year court battle, POINTTS™ was successful in breaking that monopoly and establishing, for the first time anywhere, the business of court representation by a non-lawyer.

There followed a rapid expansion of POINTTS™ brought about by the huge popular demand for its services.

  • Throughout that expansion, and to the present day, POINTTS™’ overriding concern is to recruit only the most knowledgeable and capable personnel thereby ensuring the highest standards of representation of anyone in the profession.
  • POINTTS™ occupies a leading role in all matters concerning the evolution of the independent paralegal profession. It has been a major contributor to all government initiatives in the areas of legislation, regulation and education.
  • POINTTS™ was the first in the independent paralegal profession to create its own internal review body. This, coupled with the fact that POINTTS™’ paralegals are fully licensed by the Law Society of Upper Canada, guarantees the protection of our clients.
  • POINTTS™ maintains an education and information exchange program within its network of offices and agents. This ensures that each agent is up to date on the latest legislation and court decisions when they represent you in court.
  • POINTTS™’ network of offices are closely linked so that a motorist charged with a violation in a distant jurisdiction can go to the POINTTS™ office closest to their home, be interviewed, and have the information passed to the agent in the other jurisdiction. Usually the client does not have to pay any travel fees and, even better, normally does not have appear in person for the trial.

Since 1984, POINTTS™ has been committed to providing quality legal representation to over a million satisfied clients. We mean it when we say on your side…by your side!

Brian J. Lawrie

Brian J. Lawrie


Brian J. Lawrie, a fifteen-year veteran of the Toronto Police Department and Essex Constabulary, established POINTTS™ (Provincial Offences Information and Traffic Ticket Service) in May 1984.

Prior to his establishment of POINTTS™, drivers contesting a traffic violation were faced with the prospect of retaining an expensive lawyer or conducting their own defense in court. Most who tried were unsuccessful.

In 1985, Lawrie and POINTTS™ were challenged in Court by the Ontario Law Society trying to protect its economic territory and its monopoly. Lawrie won the right to represent drivers and POINTTS™ continues to lead the way in traffic court representation.

Others have followed but POINTTS™ continues to lead.

Lawrie is now known throughout the paralegal profession as: “The Grandfather of Paralegals”.

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