COVID-19 Update

To our valued clients: POINTTS – The Traffic Ticket Specialists remains open for business during the COVID-19 outbreak.  Even though our offices have reduced capacity for in-person contact, our paralegals can still be reached by telephone or email to arrange a consultation for your matter.

The Provincial Offences Courts (traffic tickets) are also open and court proceedings are being held by audio/video conference.  Traffic ticket matters that were scheduled for court during the pandemic closure are being rescheduled to a new date.

Now that the Court closure has ended, the deadlines for filing tickets and other important documents must be considered, along with the need to appear in court as required.  Failure to meet a deadline, or to appear in court, could result in an automatic conviction for your offence.

Please be aware that many courthouses are operating at reduced hours, staffing and capacity levels, so we recommend that you first speak with a POINTTS paralegal about getting our assistance to fight a traffic ticket you have received.

If you are an existing client, we continue to monitor the status of your case for you.  We also ask that you keep us updated on changes to your contact information and any court notification letters or new summonses that you receive.

During these difficult times, don’t let a traffic ticket add to your stress. Contact us for your free consultation.

Let POINTTS – The Traffic Ticket Specialists fight your ticket so that you can focus on your health and that of your loved ones.

Stay Healthy – Stay Safe – Stay Informed

The Original and Most Successful Traffic Ticket Specialists.

Avoid fines, demerit points, hefty insurance premiums or licence suspension with our help. Speak to one of our licensed paralegals today.
Speeding Ticket

Speeding Ticket

Whether you receive a 15 over speeding ticket or a Stunt Driving charge for driving 50 km’s above the limit, you may be faced with serious penalties.
Careless Driving

Careless Driving

Before you act, understand this charge and the negative impact it will have on your driving record and insurance premiums.
Driving Under Suspension

Driving Under Suspension

Can you afford the automatic 6 month driver’s licence suspension you will receive upon conviction? Understand how we can help you avoid a licence suspension by speaking with a POINTTS representative today.

We’re not just any traffic ticket defense company, we’re the one others try to imitate.

Who We Are

POINTTS™ – The Traffic Ticket Specialists is the first and largest firm of independent paralegals to offer legal services in Canada. We have 17 offices and our founder started the idea of specialized traffic ticket defence services in 1984.

What We Do

We provide legal representation to drivers charged with traffic offences.  Traffic Tickets are the only thing we do.

By having POINTTS™ on your side, we will represent you in court and in many cases we can do so without you having to be there in person.

Our goal is simple: provide you with the best possible legal representation in order to protect your licence and save you money on your insurance rates.

Our Specialists

Your POINTTS™ legal representative is a professional, licensed paralegal and a traffic ticket specialist.

Our team includes former police officers, prosecutors and traffic court Justices.

We’re here to provide equal access to justice to drivers in Canada. We provide you with clear, competent, and affordable representation in court so your voice can be heard.

POINTTS™ - The Traffic Ticket Specialists

Why Choose POINTTS™,
The Traffic Ticket Specialists?

You deserve quality legal representation. When hiring a licensed POINTTS™ representative, you get the most experienced traffic ticket defense company in Canada.

With our in-house network of over 25 licensed paralegals, you have access to a firm with over 30 years of courtroom experience. Receiving a traffic ticket or being involved in an accident is a serious matter and we’re here to help you by offering quality, competent representation in court.

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