Questions About Radar

Will a Radar Detector Keep Me From Getting Pulled Over?

It might, depending on the sophistication of the detector, which is illegal in Ontario, whether it is a radar detector, laser detector or a combination of both.

You run the risk of course, of being charged with possessing a “speed measuring warning device” with a fine between $100 and $1000 and forfeiture of the device.

Can a Radar or Laser Record An Incorrect Speed?

Yes, it can. Convincing a court that it happened in your particular situation would not be easy.

A police officer is not likely to testify that he obtained an incorrect reading but charged you anyway. In any event the burden is on the defence to raise the reasonable doubt as to the accuracy of that reading.

Does the Officer Need To Show Me the Radar Reading?

No, this is purely discretionary on the officer’s part. There is no legislation or case law on this issue.