Thinking About Defending Yourself?

Should I Defend My Own Traffic Ticket?

Can you defend your own traffic Ticket? Yes, you can. Should you? Absolutely not.

In the legal world, there’s a very old saying, “A lawyer that defends himself, has a fool for a client.”

The problem is that emotions come into play and objectivity takes a back seat which can be very detrimental to your case.

A POINTTS™ Licensed Paralegal takes that concern away and provides an objective view of the entire scenario and is therefore able to properly prepare and present your case to the court.

Why Hire a Licensed Paralegal?

Paralegals are licensed by the Law Society of Upper Canada, the same regulatory body that governs lawyers. The public is therefore protected from incompetent, unethical and unprofessional conduct by those providing legal services. Paralegals have the specific education and training that can best serve our clients with their issues under provincial legislation.

POINTTS™ personnel were at the forefront of regulation with POINTTS™ founder, Brian Lawrie and POINTTS™ Corporate Trainer, Stephen Parker appointed by then Attorney General, Michael Bryant to the first Paralegal Standing Committee with the Law Society. They were actively involved in the creation and implementation of the rules and regulations that today govern all paralegals.

How Do I Fight a Traffic Ticket?

How long is a piece of string? The variations are infinite. It all depends on the charge you were given. There is nothing to prevent a person charged from defending themselves but, there is also an age-old saying that states, “A lawyer that represents themselves has a fool for a client.”

It’s all very well for you to go into court armed with a list of questions for the officer but, if you do not know what the answers should be, how would you know if the answer given is correct and/or how to proceed from there?

POINTTS™’ paralegals are qualified. They have the skills, knowledge and ongoing education to be able to provide the very best defence to whatever charge you may be facing. POINTTS™ has the resources to fight your ticket on your behalf. You may be required to attend court as well as you would be the only person that can tell the court what happened from your perspective. It may equally be possible that, depending on the charge, you would not have to go to court.

Is It True the Prosecutor Will Offer Me a Deal If I Attend Court Myself?

It could be. Anyone can represent themselves but, is it in their best interests. Is any deal offered, a good one? An offer may look good on paper, but is it? How would you know unless you have been given all the options, which a prosecutor will not do? A POINTTS™ Licensed Paralegal has the experience, knowledge and training to provide that to you.

It doesn’t cost you anything to call us. It could cost you plenty if you don’t.

Should I Accept a Deal Offered By a Prosecutor?

You are the only one that can decide this. But, you should be fully informed before deciding. A prosecutor cannot give you legal advice. Your POINTTS™ Licensed Paralegal can and will provide all the information you will need. It is always best to consult with a legal service provider as soon after being charged as possible. If we are to be fully prepared and give the best advice possible for your situation, we need as much time as possible. We cannot provide maximum representation if you come to us only a day or so prior to the court date.