Fail to Stop for School Bus

Did you know that a conviction of “Fail to Stop for School Bus” carries 6 demerit points and a fine of up to $2,500.00? These penalties increase with subsequent convictions and could even result in a jail sentence.  Your insurance premiums will also drastically increase!

The Highway Traffic Act makes it mandatory for every driver approaching a stopped school bus with overhead red lights flashing to come to a complete stop at the required place. The driver is not to proceed until the lights stop flashing or the bus starts moving. Doing otherwise will likely result in you being charged with “Fail to Stop for School Bus”. If you are charged, going to court alone to challenge the evidence against you can be a difficult task.  Do you know what is needed to convince a Judge that you did not fail to stop for the school bus?

Simply put, defending this charge on your own might not be as easy as you think!

This is a serious charge, with serious consequences and therefore requires a well planned defence.

Your defence team at POINTTS™ – The Traffic Ticket Specialists have the knowledge and experience to identify the issues that are important to your case.  We will then determine a plan of action to defend your traffic ticket for “Fail to Stop for School Bus”. Our priority is to have the charge dismissed.  We want to protect your licence and save you money!

Only POINTTS™ – The Traffic Ticket Specialists have been your voice in traffic ticket court for over 30 years.