Police in York Region say they will offer “bottom level luxury” accommodations to drunk drivers on New Year’s Eve at L’Hotel York Regional Police.

In a tongue-and-cheek advertisement posted to YouTube on Wednesday, police advise drunk drivers on what they can expect when they check into the “tawdry fortress of solitude.”

Some of the amenities include “complimentary shuttle service,” “a magnificent view of York Region that you will never get to see,” and suites boasting stainless steel appliances and a “firm mattress made of real Canadian concrete.

York Regional Police
A York Regional Police officer adjusts her glove in a still taken from a satirical video aimed at discouraging residents from driving drunk.

The two-and-a-half minute public service announcement also highlights some of the culinary options available to guests, mainly an egg sandwich or a gluten-free option where the sandwich part is removed.

“Government-owned and operated since 1971 we invite impaired drivers into a palace of no-class comfort and bottom-level luxury,” the narrator of the video says. “Complimentary shuttle service will ensure that you have no choice but to make it to your destination.”

The video promoting L’Hotel York Regional Police is part of a social media campaign to discourage residents from getting behind the wheel while impaired.

Speaking with CP24 about the campaign on Wednesday, Const. Andy Pattenden said it is part of an ongoing YRP effort to find new and fresh ways to advise the public about the dangers of impaired driving.

“We are just trying to cut through the clutter and get that message out there,” he said. “We are hoping no one is here on New Year’s Eve but the harsh reality is that we may be full.

According to the YRP, officers have laid more than 1,800 criminal charges for impaired driving-related offences in 2015, which is an increase of six per cent from 2014.

Meanwhile, in Toronto, police say they have made 1,355 impaired driving arrests so far in 2015, which is down slightly from the 1,370 impaired driving arrests made by this point last year.

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