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L’Hotel ready to welcome impaired drivers on NYE

Police in York Region say they will offer “bottom level luxury” accommodations to drunk drivers on New Year’s Eve at L’Hotel York Regional Police. In a tongue-and-cheek advertisement posted to YouTube on Wednesday, police advise drunk drivers on what they can expect when they check into the “tawdry fortress of solitude.” Some of the amenities [...]

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Fix rush hour traffic by banning trucks

Why? Because a big truck, once stopped, as happens during rush hour traffic, takes time to get rolling again. This is not a knock against the driver; it is a fact of life. I’m on the Gardiner the other day, heading west at about 5:15 p.m., and I find myself trapped behind an 18-wheel transport [...]

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Consumers big winners in new law regulating towing operators

Towing operators will be required to provide drivers with a statement of rates in writing and a copy of a form authorizing a tow. Bill 15, Ontario’s recently passed Fighting Fraud and Reducing Insurance Rates Act, promises a sweeping reform of the towing industry and may put an end to at least some of the [...]

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Pedestrians need to be on drivers’ radar

I’ve heard a new law will require all drivers to stay stopped until every pedestrian has cleared the entire crosswalk. – Effective January 2016 Pedestrians need to be on drivers’ radar – WHEELS.ca Q. Crosswalks have signs stating, “No passing here to crossing.” Does this apply even if the crosswalk is empty, and overhead amber [...]

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$287 ticket for texting at Tim Hortons Drive-thru

$287 ticket for texting in Tim Hortons drive-thru? Police say there’s more to the story A Tim Hortons’ run is going to cost an Alberta man a lot more than your average double-double. he man, named by local media as A.J. Daoust, was given a $287 ticket for using his cell phone while behind the wheel [...]

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Can you get a ticket for eating (or drinking) while driving?

Can you get a ticket for eating (or drinking) while driving?  Q: The other day I saw an SUV weaving about, but still staying within her lane. As I passed, I could see the driver was concentrating on eating lunch with her right hand, rather than driving. Would eating or drinking coffee (or other non-alcoholic [...]

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Fewer Ontario teens texting and driving due to fines, danger

REGINA — A new study suggests teenagers are texting less while driving, in large part because they think it’s dangerous and irresponsible. The study’s lead author, Sean Tucker, an associate professor at the University of Regina, says the number of teens who said they sometimes or almost always texted while driving fell to six per [...]

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BMW seized for 7 days, teen’s licence suspended for 7 days

Teen charged with stunt driving after speeding 208km/h past police cruiser n 18-year-old behind the wheel of a new BMW sped past an Ontario Provincial Police officer on Highway 401 driving more than 200 km/h on Sunday, police say. It happened just before 9 a.m. in Tyendinaga Township between Napanee and Belleville, OPP said in a media release [...]

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5 things you may not know about stunt driving in Ontario

Sudbury’s city police recently told CBC News the majority of people don’t even realize they’re massively exceeding the speed limit — or what is in store once they’ve been caught. John Coluzzi, a Sudbury police traffic unit constable, listed five things people may not know about stunt driving in Ontario. 1. If you get charged with stunt driving, your licence is automatically [...]

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Wearable Technology in the Car

By Mark Richardson Jeffrey Macesin says he was changing the music playing through his car speakers when the Montreal police officer pulled him over and charged him with distracted driving. The music was coming from his iPhone and wired into the car’s stereo, but the phone was tucked away in his bag, out of sight. [...]

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